Maile McKain, L.Ac.


My own healing journey began after I broke my leg skiing my sophomore year in college. After surgery and physical therapy I was still experiencing a lot of pain, stiffness, weakness, and lack of range-of-motion. This led me to seek more help and I discovered therapeutic massage and yoga.

I went on to study yoga informally and massage formally. I graduated from the Brenneke School of Massage in 2000. My massage career included working at a hospital, in a retirement home, with professional athletes, a spa and private practice.

I achieved wonderful healing results, but was still experiencing health issues that yoga and massage were not helping – severe seasonal allergies. This led me to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I started receiving acupuncture and taking herbal medicine.

By the time I entered acupuncture school in 2005 I had received over a hundred acupuncture treatments. I found that I was choosing acupuncture and herbal medicine to treat any condition that came up – allergies, headaches, pain, colds, digestive problems, stress and even emotions.

With the help of my husband I decided to study TCM. It was incredibly challenging, but I discovered a true passion. I created Stillpoint Healing Center in 2008 as a place to nourish the body and create healing using a foundation of  Traditional Chinese Medicine.

My passion for this medicine comes in part from healing my own injuries and health challenges, supporting my pregnancy drug free, and finding drug-free options to treat and prevent illness in my daughter.