What we do

Phases of care

One thing that distinguishes our practice is that we are looking for root cause resolution, not just managing symptoms, but trying to get to the root or source of the issue that is unique to a person.  There are many reasons why a person may have pain or headaches or digestive issues so we figure out what is going on, what is the root issue with your case and come up with a treatment plan.

In order to create root cause resolution we use a three-step process. The basic flow of treatment is first, to address the acute care of the immediate concern. Second, we focus on correcting the underlying cause of the issue. And third, we move into preventive and wellness care.

Step 1: Assessment and diagnosis

Using a blend Chinese medicine, the Western medical impression and diagnosis, and medical lab reports, we begin with addressing the acute care of the immediate concern. For example, if you are in pain we are going to address that in the first visit to try and relieve back pain. Generally people do have improvement with the pain after the first treatment but it may take a few treatments for that pain to let up.

Step 2: Fast and lasting relief

The second step is that we correct the underlying cause of your issues and concerns so that they don’t come back, or so that they are very minor background, infrequent things that don’t bother you. Using natural methods, such as acupuncture, medical massage, herbal medicine, simple lifestyle changes, personalized nutritional guidelines we are able to create root-cause resolution. 

Step 3: Nurturing your vibrant health 

Eventually we get to preventive wellness or maintenance care which focuses on staying well and to help you maintain the gains you have made through treatment and also optimizing your quality of life.