There are three types of appointments that are available

  • Consultations
  • Initial appointments to establish a diagnosis
  • Follow-up appointments based on diagnosis

Description of types of appointments

  1. 10-minute phone or in-person consultation – Ideal for the new client that has a lot of questions before they decide to start receiving treatment.
  2. 30-minute herbal consultation – This is for the established client who needs an update to their herbal medicine prescription.
  3. 60-minute appointments are follow-up appointments for established clients.
  4. 60-minute Initial appointments – for established clients who have not been in for more than 3 months or have a new issue that requires a new diagnosis.
  5. 90-minute Initial appointments – This is for new clients where we will do a Chinese medicine assessment, diagnosis and treatment.
  6. 90-minute orthopedic appointment – This is for new clients that want to focus on musculoskeletal issues.


To schedule appointments please follow the link to our online scheduler listed below. If you would rather schedule over the phone, please call 435-575-1510. Or you may send us an email via the contact form.

Online scheduling